Akawio Basketry Technique

This book details the intricate and artistic details of the basketry traditions of the Akawios of Guyana.

This study was compiled by Ms Faye Case 1975 – 1977 during one of her many visits to Guyana.

“From the weaves of the sifter used for sifting cassava to the one used for  straining cassiri, from the warishi which is used for  fetching heavy loads to the maswa which is used  for catching fish, from the matapee which is used for  extracting cassava juice to the saoulda which holds ants for pain relief, Ms. case with  the explanations provided by the Amerindians of course, gives the reader an insight into the thought  processes of Guyana’s first peoples in terms of analyzing what the item will be used for , the functionality of the shapes used and the weaves that are necessary.

Indeed the documentation  of the way the various objects are made provides teh scientific side of Amerindian culture and the closeness to Mother Nature as seen in the motifs of the weave.”

– Honourable Ms Carolyn Rodrigues, M.P.
Minister of Amerindian Affairs