The development of Robbstown

Historic Robb Street looking west


The area known as Robbstown was first occupied by  Joseph Bourda via an lease agreement  in 1792. Mr. Bourda  subsequently rented the area  to John Robb who laid out the  building lots and landscape. The ward was named in his honour. In 1864, the entire area was destroyed by a fire. Under the guidance of Mayor Edward John Barr,  the area was rearranged and streets were widened, giving it its present urban layout.  The streets within the ward were named after prominent and affluent members of  society such as Robb Street for  John Robb. Hincks Street was named after, Sir Francis Hincks, a former Governor (1862-1868) and a Finance Minister to Canada.

Buildings of historic Robbstown

Hand in Hand Life and Fire Insurance Company

Hand-in-Hand Insurance Company is located on Avenue of the Republic between Robb Street and North Road, Georgetown and was first started as a fire insurance company in 1843. The present single-storey masonry structure was constructed later in 1879. It was designed by Mr. F.A Conyers with the use of decorative cast iron arches and railings.

Hand in Hand

National Museum

The Guyana National Museum is located on the historic Company Path (where Fort St. George one stood) in Georgetown. The Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society established in 1844 and began developing a Museum and Model Room to display the country’s natural heritage. By 1953, the collection was housed in the Old Hospital, however it was destroyed by fire 1864. It was reassembled and opened to the public in 1868, but was destroyed again in 1945. The present museum was reestablished in 1951 and after Guyana gained Independence it became the Guyana National Museum.

National Museum

Company Path Well and Lily Ponds (National Museum compound)

These ponds were located in the compound of The National Museum. These are said to have been   built with the bricks of  Fort William St. Frederick, the first British fort, constructed at the mouth of the Demerara River. The ponds were later filled and now serves as planters for a number plants in the museum’s gardens.

The Company Path Well and Lily Ponds

Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company limited (GTM)

The Guyana Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company limited previously known as the British Guiana Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Ltd was established in December 1880. It is located on Robb and Hincks Streets, Robbstown, Georgetown. The foundation stone was laid in 1893 for this single-storey masonry building which is considered eclectic in design, ranging from classical to Victorian forms of architecture. The building is considered one of the best preserved structures in Guyana. Over the years, an additional building was added to the location.

Guyana Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company (GTM)