This house with its 100 windows was built during the 1820s on land belonging to the Anglican Church in British Guiana.  Several governors including, Governor Lyght and Governor Barclay, resided there. A rent of 240.00 pounds each month was paid by the governors who resided there.

In 1852 and 1863 ordinances legislating the purchase of the building to establish a home for the British governors were passed. The original building had two storeys and a double stairway and faced Carmichael Street.

Over time many changes were made to the building. Adjacent lots numbers 57 to 60 on Main Street and 93 to 95 on Carmichael Street.

By 1894, the present building’s main entrance was in Main Street. Known as ‘the Grande Dame of Main Street’ this elegant wooden building exhibits fine wooden architecture.  Many of the ornate designs of the interior of the building are credited to Caesar Castellani, one of the most prolific architects of the colonial era.

Restored to its former glory, this house is now the official residence of the President of Guyana.